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Spring 2018 Grand Prize Winner

The Lost Tsar by James Rosenfield

Spring 2018 Finalists

The Last Vikings by David Thorndill

Marlys by Kelly Sharon (Lamphear-Dash)

Spring 2018 Semi-Finalists

8th ST. PARK by Gregory Walker
Apex by Tina Field Howe
Dead Water by Lisa Rysinger
China Rose by Annie Macdonald & Robert B. Mac
Zulus by Richard Raybourne
Soul of an Empire by Ryan Jaroncyk & Jim Massie
The Dark Side of the Law by Simona Calo
Hyacinth by Marcin Ciasto ́n
Por Lo Que Mas Quieras by Chus de Castro
The Farm by Samuel Vartek
American Treason by KAE BAHAR
Serendipitous by Craig L. Andrews
BOMMY! by Boim Hwang
The Rosy Hue of the Dying Day by Lauren Hoekstra

Fall 2017 Grand Prize Winner

Just Divorced by Benn Flore

Film went into production and showcased at Sochi Film Festival, Eurasia Film Festival,

Kiev Film Festival, St. Petersburg Film Festival, and Berlin Flash Festival.


Fall 2017 Finalists

Runaway Ship by Theodore Carl Soderberg

Shoot the Girl by Tony Hendriks

Fall 2017 Semi-Finalists

Leaving Town by Stephen Curran
Circus Boy by Stephen Curran
When I was a child by T. L. Needham
Vox Pop by Jake Bann
The Way of Dave by David Poulshock
My Summer Wine by Marina Albert
The Belief by Saikat Mukherjee & Sumita Banerjee
The Teen Zombie Show By David Santo
Napoleon by Kevin Karp
Mocha Dick By Laura Kelber
Holding Hope’s Hand By James Rucker
Just Kill Me Already! by Sundae Jahant-Osborn
Last of the Burly Girls by John Pisano-Thomsen
The Myth of the Western Dragons by John T. Frederick
Sol by James Fox
Boozetown by Nicholas Martin Johnson
Whirlwind by Kerri Davenport-Burton
Twelve Bar Shuffle by Ed Baldwin
Ain’t That Wonderful by Jeff Menell
The Resurrectionists by Scott Teel