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About Us

We are Cannes and we are passionate about cinema. Our city has showcased the best cinema in the world for decades. Our city has given a platform to the auteurs of our art even when they were banned by theatres in their own countries and the largest markets around the world. We are proud to support great cinema and now we are proud to support great screenwriting with the launch of our independent screenwriting competition, the Cannes Golden Plume International Screenwriting Competition.

The Cannes International Screenwriting Competition will launch the careers of the next generation of great filmmakers by recognizing the absolute best screenwriting talent in the world and rewarding them by distributing their materials to talent agencies and lit managers around the world. We want to connect artists with the people who can not only get them working, but can also get their films made.

We embrace artists from all over the globe and all forms of expression. We also accept scripts of all kinds and in every genre from studio blockbusters to foreign films and art house independents. Artists come in all shapes and sizes and so do great stories which is why we do not discriminate based on content and will never discriminate against artists based on ethnicity, nationality, sex, or sexual orientation.

Our city has the world’s best reputation in cinema. We showcase the greatest talent in the world. We want to continue that tradition with our independent screenwriting competition. We want to develop writers to work in film and television. We want to inspire and support them at all levels and everything in cinema starts with the script. As such we want to do everything we can to support the people who write them. We want to inspire the next generation of writers to tell stories that will not only inspire audiences, but will inspire the next generation of writers around the world.

Our aim is further the craft of screenwriting for generations to come.